Verifying your affiliation is fast and easy

Your remote access is being offered to you by your institution. To maintain access to UpToDate® and to continue to be able to access UpToDate remotely and through our local mobile application, your affiliation with your institution needs to be verified periodically.

Options for verifying your affiliation with your institution:

  1. From onsite at your institution, open a browser and navigate to “". Once there, simply click the log in link and enter your UpToDate user name and password.
  1. Through your institution’s integrated clinical system or a portal.  By accessing through this link, you’ll be recognized by UpToDate, and your affiliation with your institution will be verified. (Please note this method requires that your site has implemented the UpToDate Web API.)
  1. Using your UpToDate Mobile App, set the device to Wi-Fi within your institution and the Mobile App will recognize that you are onsite and complete the verification process. (Please note that not all institutions' Wi-Fi have access to UpToDate.)


If you are no longer affiliated with the providing institution:

You can still access UpToDate if you are no longer affiliated with your institution by purchasing an individual subscription. Click here to become a subscriber.


If you forgot your user name or password:

Your UpToDate password and user name can be emailed to you. Click here to get this information sent to your inbox. Then, complete the verification process outlined above.

If you have any questions:

Contact customer service by emailing: with the following subject line: Question regarding the verification process.  Or, call customer service: 1-800-998-6374.