UpToDate® supports continuing medical education around the world.

Make smart decisions about where to spend your time and money.

  • Earn and redeem CME/CPD
  • Streamline care and improve patient outcomes
  • Keep up with the latest medical developments

Earn CME/CPD credit when you research a clinical question.

UpToDate is accredited and recognized as a continuing education resource by colleges, associations, and authorities from around the world.

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UpToDate keeps track of the credits you’ve earned, allowing you to redeem them and print your credit certificate for up to two years with an active subscription. Plus, you can now redeem credits on the UpToDate mobile app!*

UpToDate Advanced™ —  interactive clinical decision resource.


With our recently launched UpToDate Advanced add-on product, you have access to: 

  • UpToDate® Pathways: interactive guides to help make appropriate decisions related to specific clinical questions.
  • Lab Interpretation: monographs and algorithms to quickly help interpret abnormal lab results and choose next steps.
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Current, evidence-based content in 25 specialties.

Stay abreast of most current developments with:

  • Practice Changing UpDates — specific recommendations and/or updates that we anticipate may change clinical practice.
  • What's New notifications — summaries of the most important new information added to the medical literature in recent weeks to topics previously read.
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