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UpToDate helps answer clinical questions quickly and easily and with our comprehensive coverage of clinical topics covering the wide range of medical conditions you may encounter in your patients, UpToDate helps answer clinical questions quickly and easily.


UpToDate is an online, evidence-based clinical decision support resource with content written by experts in their fields. With over 11,800 practice-oriented topics spanning 25 medical specialties, UpToDate helps you answer clinical questions. And with 24/7 availability through your computer or mobile device, you have “instant” access to continuously updated, concise and reliable medical information on a broad range of topics — so that you can find those answers whenever and wherever you need them.

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  • 24/7 availability — Access evidence-based clinical information and answers, when and where you need them.
  • "What's New" — A summary of new findings by specialty, including Practice Changing UpDates, a compilation of recently published studies that have immediate implications for how physicians and other medical professionals practice. 
  • Continuous publishing — More than 6,700 physician authors, editors, and peer reviewers critically evaluate available medical literature and connect you to updated information so you can provide the best care.
  • 650+ disease-specific "Society guideline links" topics that include direct links to society and government-sponsored guidlines from around the world 

When you install our free, highly rated mobile apps optimized for most leading platforms, you can choose to enhance your mobile experience with MobileComplete™. For an additional $49 with an annual subscription, MobileComplete allows you to find answers even without a data or Wi-Fi connection by downloading our full content directly onto your device.*

Plus, we offer UpToDate® Advanced, which includes lab monographs and accompanying algorithms to help you quickly interpret abnormal results and choose next steps, and interactive evidence-based pathways that address specific clinical questions.

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