Reach your 2019 professional goals with UpToDate®

Improve patient care. Anytime, anywhere.

  •  Personalized care  
  • Mobile answers
  •  Improved outcomes 

UpToDate® Advanced™ — an interactive clinical decision resource.

Streamline care and improve patient outcomes with:

  • UpToDate Pathways — interactive algorithms that provide clinical recommendations tailored to each patient. 
  • Lab interpretation — monographs and algorithms to interpret and decide on next steps for abnormal lab results. 

Mobile Apps and MobileComplete™ — clinical decision support at the point of care.


Find clinical information when and where you need it. 

  • FREE highly rated Mobile Apps, optimized for most leading platforms.
  • Upgrade your mobile access to UpToDate MobileComplete, which allows you to download our full content onto your device. The content is stored on the device for quick and convenient 24/7 access regardless of signal strength or internet connection.

1UpToDate — the only clinical decision support resource associated with improved outcomes.1

According to a research study at Harvard University, the use of UpToDate over a three year period was associated with: 

  • Improved quality of every condition on the Hospital.
  • Shorter lengths of stay (372.000 hospital days saved per year).
  • Lower mortality rates (saving 11.500 lives per three year period).