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UpToDate® is the premier evidence-based clinical decision support resource.

UpToDate® is continuously updated based on the lastest medical research to bring you current evidence-based recommendations.

Our unparalleled team of physicians and editors places new research in the context of the existing body of medical knowledge and using their professional expertise and first-hand clinical experience.
This combination of Evidence & Experience is invaluable in crafting point-of-care recommendations trusted by more than one million clinicians worldwide.


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International Business Times
Healthcare Transformation: Rise of the Digital Doctor with UptoDate App

Healthcare has transformed over the last decade as the use of technology has enhanced patient assessment, treatment and aftercare.

While we all know about the evolution of cutting edge technology, to root out or treat diseases and other ailments, there are some seemingly simple devices or applications that have flown under the radar but have made a major impact into the way the doctor and patient relationship is conducted.

Wolters Kluwer Health created a smartphone and tablet based application that has given doctors immediate evidence-based opinion and treatment recommendations on over 10,500 conditions.

But the app, called UptoDate, isn't just a Wikipedia of ailments, it is peer-reviewed and collated by over 6,000 doctors and clinicians.

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