OBGYN physicians rely on UpToDate® for trusted asnwers to their clinical questions. 


With comprehensive coverage of clinical topics including hundreds of OBGYN topics and thousands of topics on the wide range of medical conditions you may encounter in your patients, UpToDate helps OBGYN doctors and students answer questions quickly and easily.

UpToDate is an evidence-based clinical decision support resource that helps physicians and other medical professionals makethe best diagnostic and treatment decisions. Multiple studies have demonstrated that its the only resource of its kind associated with improved outcomes — improved quality, shorter lengths of stay and lower mortality rates.1

With UpToDate you can:

  • Drive optimal care with access to more than 11.800 clinical topics, in more than 25 specialties, including OBGYN.

  • Access a select drug database and drug interactions tool (in partnership with Lexicomp®).

  • Search for information in 15 different languages with our Search In Your Own Language functionality.

  • Get clinical anwers on the mobile device you use every day with our mobile apps.*

Testimonials from subscribers:

"The cesarean rate is very high in Italy: UpToDate was very useful for a better management of risk and high risk pregnancy. UpToDate is also valuable to change wrong habits in pregnancy follow-ups, giving us the chance to study others."  

— Dr. Melega Corrado, Italy

"UpToDate gave me the option of using Fludarabine in a patient with LGL who failed after receiving treatment with Methrotexate, Cyclosporine and Cyclophosphamide."
— Dr. Sergio Cancelado, Colombia

"UpToDate has been an essential part of my practice since my early days as a student (first as resident of internal medicine and then of neurology), and later as a practicing physician and reasearcher."
— Dr. Erwin Chiquete, Mexico City

"I've been an internist for four years and some of the treatments that we used during my specialization are no longer recommended. UpToDate helps me keep up on what's new." 
— Dr. Veronica Salas, Chile

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