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The evidence-based clinical decision support resource medical professionals trust for positive clinical outcomes and performance improvement in healthcare

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With an ever-increasing focus on improving patient outcomes, continuous quality improvement in healthcare is a top priority. UpToDate is the trusted source of evidence-based information on how to improve patient outcomes for more than 2 million medical professionals in over 190 countries and territories. Since it's the only resource of its kind associated with improving health outcomes1, UpToDate is an investment in patient care that you can't afford to practice without.
UpToDate provides more than 1,500 informative and easy-to-understand patient education topics, you can be confident that the care you provide can lead to better patient outcomes. This evidence-based information is written specifically for patients and their caregivers for quality improvement initiatives in healthcare. Backed by patient-reported outcomes and health outcomes research, use of UpToDate promotes patient care quality improvement.
With UpToDate, you can make the right diagnosis and treatment decisions at the point of care, and ultimately, healthcare performance improvement occurs. It is like having a trusted and experienced colleague by your side to assist with patient outcomes and healthcare improvement.
Take advantage of the most trusted quality improvement tool in healthcare; with access to UpToDate, you will benefit from:
  • Reliable answers to your clinical questions: Assess the strength of a recommendation given and the quality of the evidence supporting it to help you make informed clinical decisions.
  • Drug information: Explore adult and pediatric drug topics, individual medication monographs, and drug-to-drug interactions tools through our included drug reference Lexicomp®, which has been used in quality improvement programs in healthcare, including quality improvement in nursing.
  • Portability: Access reliable content when and where you need it with hands-free, voice-enabled search within our mobile app to get you the answers you need quickly and easily.*