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What are the benefits of UpToDate?

With so many potentially practice-altering studies being published every day, it can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming to stay current. UpToDate saves you time by providing fast, accurate answers to clinical questions at the point of care.

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See for yourself all the benefits of UpToDate and learn how evidence-based clinical information can help you make better decisions.

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Learn how UpToDate benefits other medical professionals:

“UpToDate is convenient and can be accessed anywhere. It’s not possible as a doctor to keep up-to-date with every development in the medical field, so it helps to have a reference that includes the latest medical knowledge.”

— Dr. Fiona Chow, AUS

“UpToDate is a tool I have been using for more than 15 years, and it has never failed me when I am looking for a solution in diagnosis, investigation or management of a case. Besides, it is an excellent tool to look up drug information. It is readily available at my bedside or in my office.”

— Prof. Elhadi Abbas, UAE

“Perfect information for different diseases, and excellent updates, helps a lot in everyday medical practice.”

— Dr. Gemma Salazar, MEX

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