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We use information technology and combine evidence with clinical expertise to provide the clinical resources you need.

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UpToDate is a continuously updated resource that provides quick access to reliable clinical content. Physicians and other medical professionals use UpToDate to help them make the best diagnosis and treatment decisions to provide optimal care.

Multiple studies have demonstrated that UpToDate is the only clinical decision support resource of its kind associated with lower mortality rates, improved quality of care, and shorter lengths of say.1

With UpToDate you will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive coverage of more than 12,000 topics in 25 specialties to support your medical knowledge

  • “What’s New” and “Practice Changing UpDates”, organized by specialty — a summary of recent developments in medicine, as well as specific new recommendations that may change clinical practice, including continuously updated information on COVID-19

  • Access to adult and pediatric drug topics, individual drug monographs, and drug-to-drug interactions tools through our drug reference, Lexicomp®

  • Actionable guidance for interpreting genetic test results to help you make treatment decisions and provide your patients with the best possible care

  • An easy to navigate search engine with a Search In Your Own Language Feature that allows you to ask your questions in any of 16 different languages

  • Quick and convenient personal access to clinical answers and expert recommendations wherever you are with our mobile app and voice-enabled search*

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UpToDate subscribers report the following:2

  • 98% would recommend UpToDate to a colleague

  • 98% trust UpToDate as an evidence-based clinical information resource

  • 96% say UpToDate improves the quality of care they provide to their patients

  • 96% report that UpToDate adds confidence to their decision making

  • 96% say UpToDate keeps them current

  • 94% state they are able to find answers to most of their clinical questions in UpToDate

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