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Download a free copy of "Use of UpToDate and Outcomes in US Hospitals"

Study from researchers at Harvard University shows direct association between the adoption of UpToDate and improved outcomes.

Conducted by researchers at Harvard University, the study examined quality and efficiency data at 1,017 hospitals as they adopted UpToDate compared with 2,305 non-UpToDate hospitals. After considering multiple other possible factors, the adoption of UpToDate emerged as an independent predictor of reduced mortality, shorter hospital length of stay, and better performance on widely used hospital quality metrics.

Results showed that the hospitals using UpToDate:

  • Saved approximately 372,500 hospital days per year
  • Saved 11,500 lives over the three-year period, cumulatively.
  • Had better quality performance for every condition of the Hospital Quality Alliance metrics
To learn more about how you can implement UpToDate at your hospital contact the UpToDate Sales Team at or complete the adjacent form.