Minimize the Risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Hospital-Associated Clostridium Difficile Infections are Common and Costly

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U.S. infections per year1


U.S. deaths per year within 30 days of diagnosis

7 to 10x

More likely to get an infection if on antibiotics


Cost per infection

Reimbursement Impact

The Correct Answer: Up to 2% of Medicare reimbursements were withheld from hospitals with high rates of C Diff. in the 2017 fiscal year.


C. Difficile infection ranks the highest in terms of HAI challenges for hospitals and health systems. As the most common HAI, infection rates result in an estimated 29,000 deaths and $4.8 billion in excess healthcare costs each year.

Antimicrobial stewardship and infection prevention and control programs supported by a real time clinical surveillance system are associated with a reduction in costs in addition to hospital-associated C. difficile.

Surveillance systems improve metrics by:

• Increasing interventions and efficiency

• Decreasing use/exposure to broad-spectrum antibiotics

Decreasing antibiotic-associated expenses


Hospitals that use Sentri7 real-time clinical surveillance document a:

Sentri7 offers effective antimicrobial stewardship content that can help you optimize use of antibiotics and lower unnecessary use of broad-spectrum agents, which has been shown to correspondingly reduce
C. difficile infections

(1) C Difficile Statistics from CDC study (Lessa, 2015) and Premier study (Magee, 2015)


(2)  Stephen E. Ross MD, Sue V. Ie PharmD, Sharad Manaktala MD, Justin Clark PharmD, Kathryn E. DeSear PharmD. Reduced Rates of Hospital-Associated Clostridium difficile Infection Associated with a Clinical Surveillance System. Study presented at: iHealth 2017 Clinical Informatics Conference; May 2-4, 2017; Philadelphia, PA.

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