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For more than 25 years, medical professionals around the world have relied on UpToDate as their primary source for medical knowledge at the point of care. With UpToDate, you can access evidence-based clinical information around the clock, and find the answers you need when and where you need them – quickly and easily.

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UpToDate® is committed to innovation and value so we continually make enhancements that help clinicians provide better patient care.
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Sample Topics

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UpToDate Advanced

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“A new edition of a book may take time. Articles and papers in medical publications are very important but often, although not always, refer to new research and/or one aspect of a disease. But when a doctor has the patient right in front of him in daily busy practice, both need trustworthy, objective and up-to-date information. UpToDate has given me that so many times. This is why I strongly recommend UpToDate.”
- Dr. Luiz Sergio Pinto, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Sao Paulo


“UpToDate is a great resource, as its contents are far more current than traditional, paper text books, the information is well-structured, and it is enormously helpful to be able to read the summary and recommendations section for advice when one is in a hurry. It is an excellent help in today’s time-poor society where a clinician simply doesn’t have the hours in a day to keep on top of the medical literature that is being released on a daily basis.”
- Dr. Fiona Chow, Nephrology and Hypertension, Eaglemont, VIC


“I have used UpToDate for almost 25 years. It remains the best and most useful information and education tool, be it in daily medical practice or as a precious help in preparing talks or teaching sessions. It is much better and more differentiated than many commercially supported imitations.”
- Dr. Urs Kaufmann, Cardiology, Wabern

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