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UpToDate is a one of a kind, physician-authored resource trusted by over 1.9 million medical professionals worldwide to find quick, current, and reliable clinical answers. Plus, it is the only clinical decision support resource associated with improved quality of care, shorter lengths of stay, and lower mortality rates1.


UpToDate has comprehensive coverage of evidence-based clinical information including hundreds of anesthesia topics and thousands of topics on the wide range of medical conditions you may encounter in your patients. It is written to assist Anesthesiology professionals find answers based on the best evidence, to manage perioperative care for patients undergoing common and uncommon procedures. UpToDate offers guidance for many situations, including preoperative consultation, postoperative acute care, and pain management.

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  • More than 11,800 clinical topics in over 25 specialties, including anesthesiology  
  • More than 9,300 graded recommendations to help you quickly assess the quality of the evidence and the strength of each recommendation
  • Select medication monographs and interactive tools from our drug reference, Lexicomp®
  • More than 650 disease-specific "Society guideline links" topics that include direct links to society and government-sponsored guidelines from around the world
  • Algorithms for both common and uncommon clinical situations to research or confirm treatment recommendations
  • More than 660 graphics offering visualizations on such items as techniques, anatomical overviews, and positioning 
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