Move seamlessly between Lexicomp Online and UpToDate

Links between pharmacology content in Lexicomp and disease-state content in UpToDate enable clinicians to instantly connect to the relevant point-of-care information they need to enhance clinical decision-making.

There are many advantages to this new bi-directional access between Lexicomp and UpToDate:

  • Efficiency: Clinicians can easily access UpToDate from Lexicomp, or Lexicomp from UpToDate, without having to exit their workflow or open a new browser window, thus, they find answers they need in less time.
  • Greater depth: The combined Lexicomp and UpToDate resources provide an extensive knowledge base for clinicians seeking information to support diagnosis and treatment plans.
  • Consistency: Lexicomp and UpToDate content are not just linked – the contents are concordant and encourage consistency and standardized care between physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.