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Finding trustworthy and accurate clinical information that is continuously updated can frequently be challenging, especially when physicians are faced with complex medical issues and demanding clinical situations. Hence, the role of reliable clinical decision support resources is increasingly important.

UpToDate is an online evidence-based clinical decision support resource trusted worldwide. Multiple studies have demonstrated that it is the only clinical decision support resource associated with improved outcomes — improved quality, shorter lengths of stay and lower mortality rates.1

With UpToDate you can:

  • Drive optimal care with access to more than 12,000 clinical topics and 9,500 graded recommendations, in 25 specialties.

  • Stay abreast of all updates in your field with our What´s New and Practice Changing UpDates.

  • Provide safe treatment to your patients with select medication monographs and interactive tools from our drug reference, Lexicomp®.

  • Streamline care with UpToDate® Advanced, our interactive clinical decision-making tool that includes lab monographs and accompanying algorithms to help you quickly interpret abnormal results and choose next steps, and interactive evidence-based pathways that address specific clinical questions.*

We also offer reliable COVID-19 resources.

  • Society Guidelines: 

International and government guidelines for general care 

(view here)
  • Search Intensity Map: Track the virus and predictive insights on reported cases 

(view here)
  • Patient Education: Understanding COVID-19 and how to stay safe 

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