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With comprehensive coverage of clinical topics on the wide range of medical conditions you may encounter in your patients, UpToDate helps physicians and other medical professionals answer questions quickly and easily. 

UpToDate is an evidence-based clinical decision support resource that helps subscribers in over 190 countries and territories make the best diagnostic and treatment decisions, and ultimately improve the care they provide.

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Testimonials from our subscribers:

"UpToDate is my go-to source for current evidence-based medicine in primary care - from the theory to the practical management and application. It has the detail that also helps me find answers to more specialized questions. It has saved me time looking for information and gives me confidence in my clinical care."

— Dr. Lyn Wren, Family Medicine, Australia

"Today, a young woman presented with coccygodynia, a condition I didn't know the first thing about. So we read the UpToDate chapter on it together and were happy and assured to find a perfect management plan there."

— Dr. Michael Hunze, Family Medicine, Germany


"Perfect information for different diseases, and excellent updates, helps a lot in everyday medical practice."

— Dr. Gemma Salazar, General Practice, Mexico

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