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UpToDate is a clinical decision support resource which helps more than 2 million medical professionals provide better patient care. UpToDate is like having an experienced colleague by your side — a colleague deeply knowledgeable about the latest medical advances in over 12,000 topics across 25+ clinical specialties.

Multiple studies have demonstrated UpToDate is the only clinical decision support resource of its kind associated with lower mortality rates, improved quality of care, and shorter lengths of stay.1

With a personal subscription to UpToDate, you will benefit from:

  • Hands-free voice search in our mobile app.* Say what you’re looking for and our voice-enabled search will find the answers you need fast. Available in 16 langages.
  • A set of foundational drug information. UpToDate provides access to select medication monographs and interactive tools from the included drug reference, Lexicomp®.

  • Society guideline links topics. More than 740+ disease-specific society guideline links topics, each of which provides direct links to multiple society and government-sponsored guidelines from around the world.

  • Gene test interpretation monographs. Expert-authored, evidence-based monographs provide concise, actionable guidance for interpreting genetic test results, which can help you make appropriate care decisions for your patients.

UpToDate Individual subscribers report the following2:

  • 98% would recommend UpToDate to a colleague

  • 98% trust UpToDate as an evidence-based clinical information resource

  • 96% say UpToDate improves the care they provide to their patients

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