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Did you know researchers at Harvard have associated UpToDate use with shortened hospital stays, fewer deaths, and better quality performance?*

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With UpToDate® , the clinicians in your group will always have the answers they need right at their fingertips. More than 700,000 clinicians around the world are already seeing the benefits in their practice.

It is the ultimate curbside consult. Clinicians are able to get answers to clinical questions immediately, without having to get someone on the phone. They can look quickly for specific recommendations, or, if they have time, read more about the evidence on which our treatment recommendations are based.

Some of your clinicians may already subscribe to UpToDate. By subscribing as a group, you have the opportunity to get everyone on the same renewal schedule. This allows you to budget for UpToDate once each year and only have to process one payment! As an added incentive, any new subscribers you add could be eligible for a discounted rate based on the total size of your group.

  • 1-10 clinicians: $499 per new subscriber, $449 per renewal
  • 11-25 clinicians: $449 per new subscriber, $419 per renewal
  • 26+ clinicians: $419 per both new and renewal subscribers

In addition to the group rates above, UpToDate offers several enterprise options to ensure we provide you a solution suited to your budget and the needs of the clinicians in your group.

Email or call 781-392-2427 to discuss options for your group practice. Or fill out the form to the right to have an UpToDate representative contact you.